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Eye See Eye Learn


Eye See Eye Learn
Free Eyeglasses for Kindergartens

Twenty five percent of children begin grade one with an undiagnosed vision or eye health problem, which can interfere with their ability to learn during their first critical years in school. To improve early childhood eye health, our optometrists provide children with the opportunity to reach their full potential through the Eye See…Eye Learn® program. A comprehensive vision and eye health exam is recommended for children once they reach 6 months of age, then annually thereafter. The exams are covered by Alberta Health Care and there is a nominal fee for Retinal Photos to check the health of the eye. Since many eye and vision problems can go undetected for many years it is important that parents take this simple step to ensure their child’s normal visual development.
Kindergarten aged children receive a comprehensive eye exam by a Doctor of Optometry and if needed, a complimentary pair of glasses. All you have to do is book an appointment.