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Rx Goggles & Masks

Rx Dive Masks


Lightweight with an adjustable head strap for comfort.  The dive mask is extremely durable with an exceptional field of vision suitable for both snorkling and diving.  Comes equipped with glass lenses.  Available in both plano and Rx -1.5 D to -10 D.



Rx Sports Goggles


RX-able sports frames comes with stainless steel rim lock barrel and screw, hypoallergenic extended soft nose pad for extra protection, high impact resistance and adjustable stretchable headband option. Rxable.



Rx Swim Goggles


Swim goggles feature adjustable strap, hypo-allergenic silicone eyeseals, 3 piece interchangeable bridge design for fit and individual custom Rx available from -10D to +7D powers.