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What Eye Care Services does Alberta Health Cover?

Alberta Health Care Coverage for Eye Exams

Alberta Health will pay for all eye examinations for patients ranging from age 18 and under, and seniors from age 65 and over, including routine comprehensive annual exams. For people aged 19-64, routine comprehensive eye examinations are NOT covered under Alberta Health, but medically necessary examinations are.

What types of medically necessary treatments and examinations are covered?

Alberta Health provides full coverage for visits for medically necessary eye problems. These include:

  • Eye or eyelid infections, abrasions, red or pink eye, pain or sudden vision loss
  • Foreign body requiring assessment and/or removal
  • Retinal examination and diagnostic imaging for diabetic patients
  • Monitoring and treatment for chronic eye diseases such as glaucoma and uveitis
  • Pre-and Post-operative surgical care

It is important to note that routine eye care including eyeglass prescriptions and all contact lens fittings are still uninsured services for adults aged 19-64. You may be eligible for coverage of these services under your personal or employer health care plan. Fittings for medically necessary contact lenses (patients with corneal disease) are also likely eligible for extended coverage through most employee benefit plans.